1. First Blog: Hobbies


-This is my very first blog, so I would like to make it into an introduction sort of deal. I go by “Gumdroppers” on a lot of my social media, which is a unique name. I got this name when I was a kid. My favorite food was something called “Gumdrop”, and I changed it into Gumdroppers. I mainly use my Youtube channel for video games, and may even blog about my personal reviews on such games. I’m thinking of blogging about recipes, my reviews on video games, vacations, favorite items, etc.

John 3-16.png

-My first favorite hobby involves religion and you can skip this if you feel uncomfortable. I know how touchy people are on this subject, and I won’t force you to believe anything. However, when it comes to me, I consider myself to be a Christian. I know there are some out there who make us look bad, or who are just fake ones in general, but don’t let the few represent the whole. During my childhood, my family wasn’t Christian. I considered myself to be alone when it came to this, often wondering why the world would condemn me for it. As I grew up, I began to realize that people will judge no matter what you do, what you believe, or what you look like. I had to learn to get passed this, to let it go, and to not care what people thought. God is the only reason I was able to get through high school, to get through sickness and disease, and to get through life in general. As of now, my family is Christian, all except my brother. Again, we can’t force anyone to believe, but I hope he will come around eventually.

Fantasy Books.jpegFantasy.jpeg

-I love to write books more than anything, and am currently working on about 8 different ones. I just recently finished my first book ever after 9 years of working on it, and need to find a publisher for it. I personally think it’s very complex and interesting, and something that isn’t similar to anything that has ever came out yet in the fantasy world. I have shown my best friends the book, and they seemed to love it. It is about different clans, princes, princesses, kings, queens, but more interesting than that. I also even wrote on more points of views than just the main character, making it even more engaging to the reader. Clans, royalty, powers, more than one point of view, romance, character building, mystery, battles, what more is there to love? I also occasionally draw, mostly as gifts for my best friends, and send them letters as well. Oh, and love Anime and Asian shows!

Flute Art.jpeg

Flute And Music.png

-My third favorite hobby would have to be music. I was in band for 6 years, before I was forced to quit due to acquiring a disease that left me nearly disabled for a time. But that’s a whole nother’ story. I met 2 of my 3 best friends when I joined band, one shy and the other very outgoing. Me ,personally, I tend to have a very shy nature. To be able to push myself to talk to these two amazing people… I will forever be grateful. I picked the flute as my weapon of choice, mainly because my shy best friend picked it first. Even though I have been out of band for about 4 years now, I still play privately at home for enjoyment.

Basketball .jpeg

Swimming Art.jpeg

Kayaking Art.jpeg

-My fourth favorite will be basketball, swimming, and kayaking. I categorized these together because they are the three sports I love, not a fan of football, soccer, or hockey. This is mainly because I got tired of the football games during band, and I wasn’t raised up around the other sports mentioned. I was in basketball for a few years throughout elementary and high school, playing violently because I’m a pretty aggressive and physically strong female, but also trying not to injure anyone. Swimming wise, I always swam privately as an exercise sport. People say they are home bodies, but I’m more like a water body. I was constantly on the lake during my youth, tubing, jetsking, boat rides, and just plain swimming. I got into kayaking due to a vacation trip I had with my cousins in the ocean (Yes, fish infested waters). I was able to see jellyfish and to feel them XD! I have plenty of vacation stories that I could tell!

Kingdom Hearts Continue.jpeg

Borderlands Art.jpeg

-Lastly, my final favorite hobby would have to be gaming (not like the hard core stay up for 3 days like most men do). I got into video games due to my brother during childhood, I liked how much more intriguing it was then television. I tend to use my brain a lot, and I get bored easy if I’m not using it. Oh, and love board games! I would have to say the game that started it all was FEAR (I know, heavens, so scary!). It was basically the first demonic looking horror game I ever was scared of. Both my brother and his friend would scream and eventually they were all like, “PLAY THIS FOR ME!!!!!” like a bunch of girls =p. I tend to enjoy RPG games, probably due to being a writer and a female, and also the occasional action packed manly game. My favorite series would have to be Kingdom Hearts (obvi) due to being what I grew up with and playing every single game of it. A close second would be the Borderlands series. I have a few other favorites but can discuss them all, or individually, in another blog.

Anime Nerd Art.jpeg

I would like to thank you all for reading this, and I apologize it was such a long blog. As I writer, I tend to get carried away.

P.S. For those who think they lost so many minutes of their lives, I am duly sorry. Please proceed to exit this blog and go onto your merry way. Oh, and Merry Christmas!





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