A Little About Me

Hello there! 🙂 I got my name “Gumdroppers” from an idea I had from my favorite food at a young age. I don’t like social media that much, as I mainly use my Youtube account for video game postings, but decided to make an account when I saw Marzia’s page (Youtuber – AKA. Pewdiepie/Felix’s girlfriend).

Marzia’s Youtube

My Youtube

I may do blogs in the future regarding food recipes, video games, or photos of unique things I come across, but we shall see! Besides video games, I have a love for writing books, creating songs, playing my instrument, drawing, and cooking! 😉

That’s a little bit about me, if you even bothered to read it. If you did bother to read it, then you wasted about 5 minutes of your life! Congratulations! =D



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